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27-July-2013 Rvision Daily News

27-July-2013  Rvision Daily News
July 28
23:50 2013

-Statement of National Democratic Party for Human Rights (in exile).
-Arakan Natural Gas Export to China Openning Ceremony.
-Climate Change Will Effect Burma.
-Anti-Corruption Commission Members Should Announce their Proparties.


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  1. Naing Win Zahid
    Naing Win Zahid July 29, 00:08

    Burmanization terget is genocide against non-Buddhist and non-BammaRakhine.

  2. Naing Win Zahid
    Naing Win Zahid July 29, 00:14

    Bangladeshi Rakhine and Arakanes Rakhine are dividing Rohingyas property since 1962 , cpecialy in 1973.Rakhine and local authority set fire always and then driven out all Rohingya from market, center , school area and main town.Akyab town set fire 4 times since 1962 to 1973.

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