25 August Arakan Attacks: preplanned against Rohingya

By August 27, 2017 19:27

25 August Arakan Attacks: preplanned against Rohingya

On 25 August, Arakan has witnessed major attacks in more than 25 locations. Immediately many international or local entities hastened to blame Rohingya for these attacks based on the traditional rhetoric of Myanmar government. That justified all the previous military atrocities and licensed them for further bloodsheds.

Let’s see how it came to happen and look into the series of plans prior to it.

Prior to these attacks, there were some major atrocities and conspiracies in the region, which levelled off the way to these attacks and be considered the preparatory stages of the current bloodsheds.

On 26 July: Zaw Htay has announced his plan to act against RVision the only TV channel that is dedicated to Rohingya plight, if it is paralyzed military will be totally free to commit any crimes. Today RVision Burmese Facebook page have been removed due to complain from Burmese government;

29 July: implementation of martial law in Arakan is demanded and discussed;

29 July: A Mogh missing story was fabricated in Rathedaung, and the next day three Rohingya were decapitated by Rakhine extremists and armed authorities;

1 August: Rathedaung Zaydi Pyin has been blockaded from going to work or fetching food and water until it is totally destroyed with the 25 August attacks;

3 August: 8 Mro men were killed at Kaing Gyi in a drug-related trilateral conflict BGP-Mro-Rakhines. But every anti-Rohingya parties including BBC Burmese blamed Rohingya for their murder. U Aung Mra Kyaw from Household (39) of the NaTaLa village was arrested by the police for the incident, according to his wife. But it was not aired in order to make it a pretext for hunting Rohingya;

6 August: Arming Rakhines civilians is proposed and discussed in Sittwe, where as no Rakhine is touched by Rohingya nor their properties;

6 August: Report of Maungdaw Investigation Commission issued the report and denied military atrocities against Rohingya, which was pre-known;

9 August: ANP Aye Maung met Ming Aung Hlaing in Nepyetaw, and both discussed military deployment in the Region;

10 August: By Ming Aung Hlaing special order, new military battalion is dispatched to Arakan randomly fully-equipped with heavy weapons and instructions;

13 August: there was a Rakhine nation-wide protest demanding kick-out of NGOs. Because on 20 May, some makeshifts of woodcutters, sawyers and farmers were found in the Mayu Mountain near Tinn May village who were, as usual, accused of terrorism and having terrorist trainings. Moreover, accompanied by those poor workers, some foods or others materials such as tarpaulins, polythenes, etc. were found which are allegedly distributed by NGOs. Few days later, we have come to see a protest instigated and funded by the military-backed USDP, their ally ANP and their puppet monks against those NGOs to make Arakan more silent and secure killing field;

15 August: Around 60 people were arrested from Oo Hla Phay in a single raid including children and elderlies;

22 August: Fighting between AA and ALA tackles the insecurity of the region;

23 August: All the males from Pan Kaing IDP of Rathedaung were arrested accusing them of terrorism. Imagine, the life in IDP camp maybe at most describe as unhuman. Terrorists in concentration camps? Possibly, no more Muslims existence in Rathedaung, as the east of Kaladan River in 1942;

23 August: Kofi Annan Commission’s final report was submitted. On March 16, the interim report was submitted. The government was criticized not to be committed as promised to implement that interim recommendations. So to halt implementation of final recommendations a good way is to destabilize; and

25 August: Newly Dispatched Military had stationed in almost all the location where attacks are reported. Who, in collaboration with BGP and some new Rakhine settlers started raids in an advanced manner against villages one followed by another. They have conducted such village-wise operations in almost every villages from north to south of Maungdaw, in some villages of Buthidaung and the rest few of Rohingya villages in Rathedaung. They chase all the villagers in a ground, then arrest of the males who is unable to escape, torture children, women and elderlies, loot their valuables even snatching, demolish lasting homes, destroy unmovable household properties, assault sexually or molest woman, etc. There are thousands cases of arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, imprisonment without jurisdictions.

All these were preparatory stages to make such a preplanned final operation against concluding the genocide, which is perhaps backlashed.

What intended beyond these atrocities are to:

  1. Root out weak and isolated Rohingya villages: as is done in many places in Rathedaung, Buthidaung and Maungdaw. Before 1942 the eastern side of Kaladan river became muslim minority area then muslim free area after it was Muslim majority area. Similarly, in 2012 Muslims had lost many villages in Akyab (Sittwe), Minbya, Kyauktaw, Kyaukphyu, and Rathedaung.
  2. Label Rohingya as terrorists: in the concluding stage of genocide, nothing will justify a final operation except the global branded label. Which has been widely discussed in the last couple of months in the parliament, government level and some political parties. But the government was in search of a suitable reason. Immediately after 25 August government is seen to announce it.
  3. Halt implementation of Annan recommendations: Government is exposed to criticism as it has discriminately implemented the recommendations by interim report of March. Rakhine IDPs are returned to their original places, Kaman Muslims were relocated out of Arakan but Rohingya IDPs are still in the concentration camps. Therefore, the government is worrying about the final report that could bring unwanted recommendations such as amendment of 1982 citizenship law. Because, the government had already stated clearly that it is using Kofi Annan as ‘shield’.
  4. Destabilize the region for military advantages: Military and military-backed parties were striving to destabilize the region to serve their purposes.
  5. Deploy military in the pretext of security: Based on false accusation of 8 Mro murder, ANP Leader Aye Maung demanded Ming Aung Hlaing tightening of security in Arakan and the next day he ordered to beef up troops. Actually these Mro were victims of drug trafficking. Were the existing forces unable to maintain security?
  6. Implement Thein Sein’s plan: Previously Ex-President Thein Sein planned and proposed to send all the Rohingya to refugee camps under UNHCR or resettle to third country. Now the situation has already reached to this level.
  7. Politicize the issue: In 14 August, about 20 political parties issued a statement demanding the government take effective counter-terrorism measures against Rohingya. In the anti-NGO protest as well, the USDP back it financially and logistically. These parties also demanded martial law in Arakan state.

By close observation of the situation, it is observed that:

  1. Government forces in collaboration with Rakhine extremists are targeting civilians with heavy arms, torching their villages and destroying their properties in a level beyond description. In short, tens of Rohingya villages uprooted and some others under siege, thousands lives lost, tens of thousands displaced internally and many others managed to flee to Bangladesh but unwelcomed.
  2. Exploiting the fact that Rohingya refrain from attacking Rakhines, military is using Rakhines as human-shields and utilizing some Rakhine extremists against Rohingya.
  3. Government is using its traditional rhetoric “Bengalis torching their homes and villages to draw attention” or “Bangalis attacking civilians” and whoever the government kills or arrests, it accuses them of “terrorist suspect” irrespective of children and elderlies.
  4. Pro-axis Aye Maung, his companions, the extremist monks, military and military backed parties are responsible for the situation.

In conclusion, international intervention is urgent necessity; Myanmar government is urged to abstain from violence, as violence never bring peace. The peoples in the ground are just begging their lives.



By August 27, 2017 19:27

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