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22 Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Die from Infectious Diseases

By Md Elias

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh (Rohingya Vision) – At least 22 Rohingya refugees including adults and children died in Bangladesh Refugee Camps in the last two months for not having access to medical treatments, the reliable sources report.

Since last few months, the infectious diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera and Dysentery etc have been widespread in the refugee camps especially ‘Leda Camps’ in Teknaf Region of Cox’s Bazaar district. The diseases have not properly tackled yet consequently increasing the death tolls day by day, according to the statements by the refugees.

There is a medical centre set up by a NGO named IMO (International Maritime Organization). Though it operates from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, it doesn’t accept many Rohingya refugee patients except for some patients they (the hospital authorities) think serious enough.

Besides, it one mile far from the ‘Leda’ refugee camps which is very difficult for the refugees to get access to the medical centre as none of the refugees possess transportation means. Therefore, nowadays, many people, old, men, women and children alike, are dying on the way to the hospital.

“People are dying day by day due to treatable infectious diseases. We hardly get any help from Bangladesh government.

We request our leaders to come forward to help us to prevent the situation from worsening. We request the international community to save the lives of the innocent human beings on the ground of humanity,” said a refugee in Ledaa Camps.

The list of the people that died in Ledaa Refugee Camps between September 2015 and October 2015 are given in the table given below.

No. Name Father’s Name Spouse Name Age Block No. Room No.
1 Mr. Mustafa Zakariya 75 years B 233
2 Mr. Khala Meah Shah Alam 65 years B 234
3 Mr. Abul Kasim Hamid 27 years A 109
4 Ms. Yasmin Anwar Sadek A 252
5 Ms. Rehena Sayed Amin A 155
6 Mamtaz Mubaraq 21 years F 192
7 Ms. Bellaw Khatun Noor Alam 20 years E 47
8 Ms. Yasmine Ayatullah 20 years F 201
9 Ms. Rabiya Abdur Rahim 20 years F 81
10 Nurul Aqsa Iman Hussein 7 years C 254
11 Shofiuddin Furqan 3 years D 81
12 Mohammed Arafat Abu Sayed 2 years E 137
13 Noor Akhtar Abu Sayed E 137
14 Mohammed Sohail Mohammed Zubair 9 months B 137
15 Umma Habibah Zainal Alam 4 months F 84
16 Mohammed Hussein Abdu Shukkor 4 months F 49
17 Baby Shafia Begum (mother) A 259
18 Famitma Shafique A 151
19 Baby Shofika (mother) A 122
20 Sharmine Mohammed Alam 2 months F 54
21 Rubel Kalam 1 month F 120
22 Futoni Ridhwan 2 days F 134

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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