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3 Rohingyas from a Family Decapitated by Rakhine Extremists in Rathedaung

By Rohingya Eye RVision TV News

1st August, 2017

Rathedaung- Buddhist extremists (Moghs) backed by the local authorities decapitated a father with 2 sons working in the farm in Rathedaung, Arakan who were found floated on the water on 31st July, 2017, according to a reliable source.

This tragical incident took place in upper Neng Ya village of the west under Rathedaung Township on last Sunday.

For the cultivation of the rainy crops, the two sons with their father had been ploughing the lands hired from U Win Maung, a habitant of Zedi Pyin under the same township.

The tree fellows were sleeping in the hut built nearby the lands at night on 30, July. When it was about 1 pm, Rkahine extremists, approximately 20, came there with wooden sticks, knives and machetes and then tied them with ropes while they were thrashing them inhumanly.

As the victims were from Rohingya Muslims whom are being exterminated daily with the help of Myanmar government, the extremists did not free them alive and decapitated them taking in a safe place, said the locals.

The inhumanly tortured and decapitated victims are:

  1. Iman Huson, son of Abdu Goni, 53,
  2. Noor Hakim, son of Iman Huson, 21 and
  3. Noor Alom, son of Iman Huson, 20.

At aroung 02:30 pm on last day (31 July), the decapitated corpses (two without no heads) were found floated on the surface of the water in the Zouh Pyin Chaung stream in the locality.  When some people from Kyin Taung village tried to fetch the dead-bodies, Kyaw Kyaw, the vice police officer of the Border Guard Police (BGP) camp prohibited them saying that the bodies could be buried after postmortem, the locals added.

The state counsellor office information committee released a news about this tragedious incident without mentioning any details about the murderers as the killers are the Rakhine( Mogh) extremists backed by the government, said a local human rights activist pondering over the report published.

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