21-May-2013 (Rvision daily news in Rohingya language)

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By May 21, 2013 19:11

21-May-2013   (Rvision daily news in Rohingya language)



President Obama

-meets President Thein Sein in White House,

-praises Thein Sein for his works towards democratization and reforms,

-says he is worried about the ongoing violence in Burma

– and urges Myanmar To Bring Halt To Violence Against Rohingya Muslims.


President Thein Sein

– promises to release more political prisoners and

– ceasefire ethnic armed groups and let them involved in Myanmar Politics,

–  and agrees to resettle the displaced Muslims during the violence.


UDAID group from US promises to provide assistance to Myanmar farmers.

They discuss to reconstruct the Yangon-Mandalay Highway.

Thein Sein says

– Myanmar and USA had the relations since the independence of Myanmar,

– a Myanmar leader got a chance to visit USA officially due to the President Obama,

– promises to halt the violence and punish the culprits,

– he will try to get rid of discrimination in Myanmar and

– he will be trying to continue the reformation and to root democracy in Myanmar.


President Thein Sein seeks the help of US and other countries in order to

– compete with other developing Asian nations,

– fulfill people’s expectations and

– stop fighting with the ethnic armed groups.

President Obama uses the term Myanmar in his speeches including to the press.


Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina seeks Thai support in Rohingya issue.

In response, Thai PM Yinluck Shinawatra promises to cooperate with Bangladesh in the issue.

Hasina expects Thai help in getting a place in the programme of World Health Organization (WHO) from 2014-2019.


Physician for Human Rights (PHR)

– Issues a Report Documenting Meikhtila in Burma, which took the lives 24 religious students and teachers,

-Calls for Immediate Investigation into the massacre,

– Claims that they have carried out their investigation in the issue,

– Claims Police and Security Forces didn’t prevent rioters who committed crimes in front of their eyes and rather supported the criminals,

– Warns that if immediate action is not taken, the matter will get worse and

– Urges President Thein Sein not to just look on and to prevent the ongoing human rights violations in the country.


Government Sets Two-Child Limit for Rohingyas per family in Northern Arakan and limits on marrying more than one woman.

– Arakan state authority said the limit is only for Rohingya community as Rakhines do not marry more than one woman.

– NayPyiTaw directed Arakan State Authority to implement the limit according to the Arakan State Authority.

– “The limit is only for those whose parents do not have national identification” said Than Tun from Arakan Social Network.

– “The law or the limit was not passed through parliament” said U Shwe Maung, an MP.


– Seven Muslims were jailed over the accusations of killing a monk during the violence in Burma’s Meiktila.

– They were sentenced under three charges: 1) breaching the curfew law, demeaning the Buddhist religion and damaging the reputation of the country.

– Myat Ko Ko @Anwar was sentenced for years under one charge and for life under another one.

– And other, Ko Zaw Htet Naing, Ko Myo Tun, Ko Pho Cho, Ko Myo Yu Oo, Ko Myo Win and an under aged Nyi Nyi Naing (17) were sentenced for 4 years, 16 years, 28 years, 14 years, 2 years and 7 years respectively.

– In March 20, 2013 as well, three Muslims were sentenced to 14 years.



Deadly tornado rips through Oklahoma City.
Seven Afghan police killed amid fresh attacks.
Chinese fishermen freed by N Korea captors.
Pakistan’s Sharif urges Taliban peace talks.
Obama says Myanmar to release more prisoners.



tyn tyn
By May 21, 2013 19:11

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