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20 Houses Vanished in Kyauktaw Landslide

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2018

Kyauktaw: More than 20 Rohingya houses have been vanished in landslides occurred due to the breakage of river bank in Kyauktaw Township on 5th February 2018, reports victims.

Afok area in Kyauktaw have been surrounded by Mogh (Rakhine) villages from 3 sides and forth side is the river bank, where they have been forced to reside.

In yesterday’s breakage of river bank more than 20 houses have been perished in the river and left the owners of the houses homeless. Details of casulties haven’t been received yet.



[Landslide in Kyauktaw township]


“All our lands have been confiscated since 2012 attack and we had no other option, so we had to live in this dangerous river bank” explains a victim after losing his home.

Since 2012 state sponsored violence most of the Rohingya’s lands have been confiscated either by Burmese Authorities or extremist Moghs (Rakkhine) which forced them to reside in the edge of the river by risking their lives in own villages.

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