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2 Rohingyas Killed in Inhumane Tortures of Brutal BGPs

By Rohingya Eye | 19th December 2017

Maungdaw: 2 Rohingyas killed in inhumane tortures of Border Guard Police (BGP) in different villages of Maungdaw, report sources.

A Rohingya student was brutally tortured to death by BGP and was later handed to the villagers in Shiarafara (Pha Ye Maung Gyi) village on 17th December. The boy could not be identified who hails from Nurullah village, which is totally evacuated since the beginning of September, 2017. Earlier the boy was arrested in late October, when the village admin of Shiarafara (Pha Ye Maung Gyi) was killed.

Similar incidence took live of another Rohingya in the same village who was brutally tortured after being arrested by the Authorities on 13th December. Due to extreme physical tortures he had to be hospitalized, where he passed away. He was identified to be Shafi S/O Najir Ahmed, 40 who was arrested by BGP with other 4 – 5 Rohingya earlier.

Killings by inhumane tortures of authorities became a common scene in Arakan (Rakhine) where innocent Rohingyas are losing their lives on daily basis and cannot expect justice from government or international bodies.

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