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18 Innocent and Poor Rohingyas Struggling for Livelihood Suspiciously Arrested to Be Imprisoned

By RVision TV Correspondent

08th June, 2017

Maungdaw- In Maungdaw district, Arakan, Myanmar security forces arbitrarily arrested 18 innocent and poor Rohingyas struggling for livelihood, on suspicion and sent them to the court to imprison them without any trail, according to the locals.

The poor Rohingyas, who left from northern Buthidaung to go to Maungdaw Township on May 26, were passing through the mountain, which lies between the two townships, with their goods including chilies, different kinds of beans, grains and 34 cattle in order to sell them with the hope of getting a good profit.

On the day, when they arrived at Renauk Ngatha in northern Maungdaw, the local security forces arrested them on the suspicion of having link with armed group and then, sent them to the court of Maungadw without having clearance from the local administrators formed by the government. Among the arrestees, 12 are form Maungdaw and 6 are from Buthidaung.

The victims from Badagha and Penzi villages of northern Buthidaung Township are:

  1. Mohammad Yunus, S/o Forid Alom, 25
  2. Mofizu Rahman, S/o ——, 22,
  3. Noor Sawyod, S/o Roshid Alom, 35
  4. Sawyodul Amin, S/o Abdul Amin, 30
  5. Noor Huson, S/o Abdu Shukkur, 41
  6. Mamad Siddique, S/o Aziron, 17

The victims from Renauk Ngatha and Thameng Tha villages of northern Maungdaw are:

  1. Sawyedul Amin, S/o Zakariya, 31
  2. Khaled Hussein, S/o Adduluh, 39
  3. Rofique, S/o Hussein Ahmed, 27
  4. Abdul Hakim, S/o Rofique Alom, 38
  5. Aziroman, S/o Mamad, 30
  6. Sawlimullah, S/o Abul Hussein, 33
  7. Ereshaad, S/o Ferous, 28
  8. Emuson, S/o Nazu, 23
  9. Ali Hussein, S/o ——-, 19
  10. Kamal Hussein, S/o Sultan, 28
  11. Abdu Munaf, S/o Ali Ahmed, 25 and
  12. Nurul Amin, S/o Abdul Hair, 24

The judge of the court is going to imprison them soon without any question and trail as well.  The family members and the relatives of the victims are anxious about their uncertain future.

“From October 9, 2016, Myanmar authorities are increasingly torturing and arresting the Rohingyas, especially Rohingya men, whoever they want, on suspicion of having link with the armed group. The state counsellor office information committee is publishing news levelling them terrorists.  Security forces are killing some in their custodies. When they send the others to the courts, the judges sentence to jail them without any trail. Why do authorities suspect all to arrest and jail? Its means nothing except accelerating genocide against Rohingya,” said a Rohingya activist from Maungdaw.

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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