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Updates 2: Military Offensive on Rohingya Civilians Continue

Reported by Rohingya Vision Correspondents
Compiled by M.S. Anwar
October 14, 20145
Maungdaw, Arakan State
  1. Rohingya homes in ‘Kyet Yoe Pyin (Kiyari Ferang)’ has been burning since Burmese military torched the village at 9 AM (14/10/16). Horrible!
  2. Tactic Burmese Military using to torch Rohingya homes in ‘KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang): they raid raid a home & order all household members to come out on pretext on investigations. Then, they send some Rakhine and Hindu youth brought along with them to the back of their (Rohingya’s) home to set fire.
    In some other situation, the military directly use fire-launchers to set the homes on fire. Hundreds of Rohingya homes have been burnt down in the village since yesterday morning!
  3. The Burmese Miltiary have been shifting the Buddhist community from northern Maungdaw to the down of Maungdaw by trucks and helicopters. The local Rohingya civilians fear the military could launch even worse offensive assault on them.
  4. Around 5 PM on 14/10/2016: The Burmese Military arbitrarily arrested 7 Rohingya civilians during a raid in ‘Aung Sit Pyin’ village in northern Maungdaw. One of the arrestees was U Shwe Thar, a school teacher from Kyein Chaung High School.
  5. Burmese Military helicopters kept flying over KyiKanPyin today. Again, 3 Rohingya homes were burnt down in ‘WaPeik’ hamlet of KyiKanPyin village tract at 5 PM on 14/10/16.
  6. Burmese military burnt down a Mosque and many Rohingya homes using Fire-Launcher at ‘Sakkara’ hamlet of PhaWatChaung (Faw Khali) village tract today. That village, by any means, is really unrelated to the raid that took place at the Border Guard Police (BGP) headquarter in KyiKanPyi on October 9, 2016.
  7. Rohingya people in northern Maungdaw face severe shortage of food as they are locked in homes; their properties, rations and shops have been looted. If it continues for 6 more days, 70% of the people in northern Maungdaw will starve. 


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