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Bangladeshi Robbers Shoot Rohingya Refugee to Death

Bangladeshi robber shot a Rohingya Refugee to death in Bangladesh last Sunday an eyewitness said

By B. Adam
Rohingya Vision TV News

Cox’s Bazaar — A gang of local Bangladeshi robbers killed a Rohingya refugee at Kutupalong Refugee Camps in Ukhia Area, Cox’s Bazaar district, around 7:00 PM on April 3, 2016.

The victim has been identified to be Nurul Islam (son of) Abul Baser, 30, an ordinary refugee with MRC No. 18570 living at Shed No. 17, Block-E, Kutupalong Registered Refugee Camps in Bangladesh.

“A group of armed robbers arrived at the camps around 7:00 PM. And they, straight away, shot at Nurul Islam who was sitting at a tea-stall at the time. And he died instantly.

One of the robbers who killed the refugee has been identified to be Khairul Amin. Although the exact reason why he killed the refugee is not known, it could be a case of taking avenge. The killer was jailed under human trafficking case by the witness of the killed person. So, once he was released from jail, he came straight away to kill him,” said a refugee in Kutupalong.

The deceased left his wife and two children behind.

The Rohingya refugees frequently become targets of the local gangsters and get killed. Their women get raped. But no proper actions are taken to punish/stop the criminals. 

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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