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Displaced Rohingyas Face Disasters in Attempt to Avoid Desperate Conditions

Thousands of internally displaced Rohingyas in Sittwe (Akyab) are facing bigger disasters in their attempts to avoid desperate conditions, local sources report

By Rohingya Eye

R-Vision TV News

Sittwe (Akyab) — Around 8640 families from Pauktaw, Minbya and other townships arrived in Sittwe camps after being internally displaced by the state-sponsored violence in June 2012.

Since then, they have been disemminated and in various IDP (internally displaced people) Camps located to the west of ‘Thandaw Li’ IDP camps such as ‘Ywa Paung Sone’ IDP Camps, ‘Magyi May’ IDP Camps Plot No. ‘8 and 9′ and Bumay IDP Camps Plot No. ’15 and 16.’

Still unregistered as IDP and deprived of aids and food rations, many of them are now facing starvations and falling into the hands of human traffickers to get sold off, while others are unavoidably choosing Immoral ways of life such as prostitutions. Especially, taking advantage of their miserable plight, Burmese armed forces such as Military and Security Police (HlunHtein) respectively from three military battalions and other three police camps in the region coax some women and subject them to being sex slaves.

“There are around 8640 families whose daily live are extremely miserable. They can neither work nor get food rations. To survive and forced by the situation, some helpless women have to choose to do prostitution. Meanwhile, some others get sold off by human traffickers.

The mother of 21-year-old girl named B….(daughter) Sh…. originally from Narzi village has been sold in Malaysia by the human traffickers. Similarly, some human traffickers bought Zuhrah Begum and her younger sister for Kyat 3 Million from their family and are now preparing to send them to Malaysia.

If we provide them with rations and shelters, we can prevent them not only from immoral acts but also from falling victims in the hands of the human traffickers,” said an internally displaced Rohingyas in Thandaw Li.

Currently 46 internally displaced have gone missing from these families in the IDP Camps in the last few months. Of them, 19 were from inside the above-mentioned IDP Camps and other 27 were outside their IDP Camps. The local human traffickers smuggled them to Bangladesh using fishing boats. And from Bangladesh, the human traffickers smuggle them to Malaysia, a ground source in Arakan revealed which remains to be confirmed.

When the local Rohingyas inquire the human traffickers about the women, they reply that they are sending them to Malaysia because their marriages have been fixed with some people over there. So, stopping them is almost impossible, the source added.

Moreover, it has been learnt that, of 8640 displaced families, 840 families have been living without proper shelter tents for three years. They have just been living under self-erected fragile and unprotected tents. And they have to use pieces of paper and plastic for fire to cook foods. Although they have pleaded the Rakhine state-government for aids and help for many times, they refused to help. And the International NGOs are unable to help them without the permission of the State-Government.

Consequently, thousands of internally displaced people await bigger man-made humanitarian disasters including forced prostitutions and re-emergence of human trafficking.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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