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Burmese Military Recruit Rape Minor Rohingya Girl

By Rohingya Mirror

R-Vision TV News

Buthidaung — A Burmese Military enlistee raped an under-age Rohingya girl in Buthidaung Township yesterday, reports a reliable source.

The military enlistee has been recruited by the Battalion 234 in Buthidaung Township for future services in the armed forces. And the raped victim is identified to be nine-year-old Asmidah (daughter of) Kadir Hussein and Rabiya Khatu hail from ‘Kyauk Phyu Taung’ village.

The enlistee (whose name is yet to be known) brutally raped the minor girl while she was looking after her cattle at the village around 3:00PM on Sunday (i.e. 28th February 2016).

“She along with an 8-year-old boy named Sayedur Raham Salimullah was looking after their families’ cattle yesterday afternoon. When they got near to the fence of the military 234, a military (said to be a new enlistee according to the Captain of the Regiment) came out and forcibly took them into a room in the battalion premise, where he held them and tied them with ropes.

He brutally raped the under-age girl. Fortunately, the young boy to escape from the room and managed to inform the girl’s parents in time. Later, when her villagers along with her parents came to her rescue, they found her lying down in serious and unconscious condition in a tent in a potato farm nearby by the military camp.

Around 7:00PM, she became conscious and explained how she was raped. Then, the Captain and in-charge of the military camp handed her over to the Border Guard Police (BGP) camp (the former no. 13 Hlun Htein or Security Force Camp) around 11:00PM. The BGP sent her to Buthidaung Hospital around 12:00 midnight (on Sunday-Monday),” said a local Rohingya on the condition of anonymity

The rapist, the military recruit, has been reportedly arrested by the police.

The victim was discharged from the hospital around 5:30PM on Monday (yesterday). The girl belongs to a very family and her family now needs to bear the cost for her treatment.

The military is not taking any responsibility for the victim or actions against the criminal.

And the rapes against the minority women by the Burmese Military is not a new phenomenon. Among them, Rohingya women suffers the most because most of the rape cases against them often go unnoticed. 

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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