Trafficked Rohingya Woman Face Risk of Repartriation to Myanmar

By February 17, 2016 16:24

Trafficked Rohingya Woman Face Risk of Repartriation to Myanmar

A trafficked Rohingya woman in India is facing risk of repartriation to Myanmar, says a reliable source

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Dehradun, India — A lonely and helpless Rohingya woman smuggled into India by human traffickers has been currently in a Government-Run’Ladies-Shelter’ home in Dehradun city, India.

The authorities of the shelter home who are willing to repatriate her to Arakan state, Myanmar, find it difficult to do so as she has lost contacts with her relatives for a long time. She is identified to be ‘Miss Najiba daughter of Syed Alam and Noor Bahar from Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazaar) village, Maungdaw Township.

“Kindly help us find her parents (mobile number, address, etc.) so that we can repatriate her to Burma and reunite with her parents.
She seems to be a victim of human trafficking and has been rescued by the Government of India,” says in a letter written to a Rohingya Vision by Manoj Chandran, an in-charge person of the shelter home.

Help  Trafficked Victim 'Najiba' find proper shelter and protection

Help Trafficked Victim ‘Najiba’ find proper shelter and protection

HOWEVER, she is mostly likely to face death, significant RISKS to her life or life-time imprisonment upon repartrition to Myanmar, a country ruled by Tyrants persecuting the minority Rohingya and forcing them to flee.

THEREFORE, it is requested to the concerned authorities like UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and the Government of India to give her shelter and protections on the humanitarian ground instead of repartriating her to Myanmar.

According to her statement, she crossed over to Bangladesh via Tamburu to Cox’s Bazar and then to Kolkatta and then to Delhi and then to Roorkee in the state of Uttarakhand, INDIA, from where she was rescued and is being taken care of in a Government run ladies shelter home.

[Please contact: Mr. Manoj Chandran at “” to reach out to the victim.]

Similarly, many violence-hit Rohingya victims have fled to India 9since the state-sponsored violence began in Arakan state in June 2012) and are now living as Refugees in different parts of the country.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By February 17, 2016 16:24

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