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13 Rakhine Extremists- Charged for Terrorism against Muslims in Thandwe- Released

By M.S. Anwar

Thurday, June 19, 2014

Aftermaths of Violence in Thandwe in early October 2013. Around Muslims' houses were burnt down to ashes.
Aftermaths of Violence in Thandwe in early October 2013. Around Muslims’ houses were burnt down to ashes. (Photo: Irrawaddy)

Twenty Three (extremist) Rakhines were arrested in relation to terrorism (against Kaman Muslims) in Thandwe Township, Arakan, in September and October last year. Thandwe District Court released 13 of them on 15th June 2014, RFA Burmese News reported.

According to Defense Lawyer Daw Nwe Nwe Nyein, the court released them ruling that the accused were not guilty of the crimes.

“Thirteen people have been released. Ten people are still in detention. Of the 10 people, Pho Hla’ Bye and Bo Bo Tun are charged under Section 302, Section 436 and Section 34. The other eight people are charged only under 436” said Daw Nwe Nwe Nyein to RFA Burmese News.

The District Court is to examine the cases of the remaining 10 people on June 23, 2014.

Rakhine (Magh) Terrorists backed by Rakhine State Government started to terrorize local Kaman Muslims on 28th September 2013 and it lasted until 4th October 2013. During the one-week of violence, more than 15 Muslims were killed; around 100 Muslim houses were burnt down. Hence, hundreds of Muslims were displaced.

Therefore, criminal charges such as murder, inciting violence and supporting to cause violence have been respectively filed against the Rakhine extremists in Thandwe District Court.

“Rakhine State Government might have influenced Thandwe District Court to set the terrorists free and prevent the court from jailing them” said local Kaman of Thandwe in relation to the releases of thirteen Rakhine extremists.

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