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11 Rohingya Feared Dead in Burmese Navy Shooting Rampage

By RVision TV Correspondent

Maungdaw – At least 11 innocent people were killed in a Burmese Navy shooting rampage on two boats carrying Rohingya people on board in the Naff River around 1 AM today, a reliable source said.

It has been reported that the victims were fleeing from the continuous military assaults and extrajudicial killing of the innocent civilians in Maungdaw to Bangladesh. Most of the victims of the incident are from ‘Ye Twin Chaung (Raimma Bil) and Paung Zaa (Ashikka Fara)’ villages.

“During the shooting spree by the Navy, some people were hit by bullets and died. While some other people died drowning in the Naff River as they jumped off the boats.

“The dead bodies are still floating in the river. The corpses have not been rescued yet. They are still floating in the river. At least 11 people died including children”, said a local on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the victims alive have been detained at the POE Border Guard Police (BGP) camp nearby the boat jetty in Maungdaw.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar & Arifa]

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