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10,000 pregnant women need health care in Rohingya refugee camps, says Dr. Galib Hasan

10,000 pregnant women need health care in Rohingya refugee camps, says Dr. Galib Hasan
September 21
20:19 2017

Teknaf: Approximately ten thousands pregnant women in Rohingya new refugee camps of Southern Cox’s Bazar are in extreme need of health care, according to Dr. Galib Hasan who has been leading a voluntary medical team providing first aid to Rohingya refugees.

Sharing the team’s observation with RVision TV, he said that lack of proper medical care may lead to premature death of many pregnant women and babies or miscarrage, or cause disabilities.

“Most of the pregnant women are facing serious maternal health conditions like Anemia, Hypertension, Urinary Tract Infections, Mental Conditions, etc. and other diseases due to very unhealthy living and environments.” said Galib.

He added that “another medically vulnerable categories of refugees are newborn babies and young mothers. Some of them are really in critical conditions.”

A Newborn Delivered in the Team's Mobile Clinic.

A Newborn Delivered in the Team’s Mobile Clinic.

Their mobile clinic has delivered three babies in normal vaginal delivery. As he witnessed, most of the delivering women are obliged to choose home delivery.

He has expressed his concern about worsening health situation of the camps as many people are suffering from malnutrition, especially the most effected are babies. Other spreading diseases, he mentioned, are enteric fever, viral fever, diarrhea, cardiac diseases, peptic ulcer and other water-born diseases.

It shocks him that there are many bullet injuries.

His team is suffering from lack of medicines and other resources for whatever accompanied by the team have run out before the time expected as there are so many patients beyond their expectation. Accordingly, the team has been prescribing or treating patients by thousands a day.

He asserts that tens of thousands of people are still in urgent need of food, water, shelter and sanitation.

Their mobile clinic is led by a team made up of eight physicians, Dr. Raquibul Islam, Dr. MMR Biplob, Dr. Ahmed Asif Khan, Dr. Rahaman Karim, Dr. Ayon Yasir, Dr. Labid Rahaman and Dr. Tanjim and Dr. Galib Hasan.

They are providing first aid and emergency health services among Rohingya refugees in Teknaf, Ukhiya, Kutupalong etc. voluntarily on humanitarian ground in solidarity with their neighbor of land and faith, Rohingya that is subject to a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, according to UN.

The Team can be reached via or 01706243480 and 01675245208 (BD).



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